OnePlanet was created to enable sustainability strategies to be developed, communicated, approved and implemented quickly and easily. Our technology is already enabling our customers to:

  • Improve the quality of their sustainability and wellbeing plans
  • Gain greater commitment to their plans from necessary communities including colleagues, staff, customers, investors, supply chain or the public
  • Reduce time and cost to prepare and gain approval for plans (for example, from government authorities)
  • Create a single source of truth for monitoring and evaluating the outcomes of their plans so they can learn, improve and pivot
  • Showcase their commitment to sustainability and wellbeing
  • Help tackle our climate emergency

Within Oxford, OnePlanet’s technology is helping multiple businesses, citizens and the local authority to collaborate, share and create better plans and to improve engagement with all citizens affected by any development plan within the city.

The visualisation process we did on made a very complex and often overwhelming process simple and accessible.