If you lack the human resources or experience to implement a sustainability system, or if you need assistance in moving an existing sustainability plan into OnePlanet, we can provide experienced help. We have led or guided many such projects, all over the world.

With our Service Partners, our experience and credentials include projects such as

We also offer standard implementation packages. Whether remote or onsite, the basic cost is the same. The only significant difference is any associated expenses, which are likely to be higher if you require us to work routinely on your site. Please note that during the current Covid-19 pandemic, any visits to your premises must meet stringent safety guidelines.

Subject to reasonable volumes of data and inclusion of our standard reports, our off-the-shelf implementation packages are priced as follows:

Type Duration Fee
Initial consultation 2 days $5,000
Carbon footprint report 5 days $10,000 *
Sustainability audit 15 days $50,000 *
Natural and social capital review 20 days $50,000 *
Complex systems analysis 30 days $100,000 *

These prices do not include applicable taxes such as VAT.
*Indicative prices subject to scope. Please do contact us to discuss.