Zero Carbon Energy

Making buildings and manufacturing processes energy efficient and supplying all energy with renewables.

The goal of this principle is to make buildings and manufacturing processes energy efficient and for all energy to be supplied by non-polluting renewable energy generated onsite or offsite.

Outcomes we can adopt include
Buildings are more energy efficient
People save energy
More energy is generated by renewables
Actions we can take include
Install roof insulation and solar panels
Provide people information about energy efficiency
Buy guaranteed green energy
Indicators we might track include
Energy consumption in KWh per year
Percentage of energy consumed which is from renewable sources
Total carbon footprint (tonnes CO2e) emitted per year
Grow Community on Bainbridge Island
Grow Community is sited on Bainbridge Island, a 25 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. Its 131 homes have been built in line with a sustainability action plan based on the ten One Planet Principles. The Grow Community has highly insulated, airtight, all-electric homes. Residents have the option of installing enough power-generating rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels to meet almost all of their homes’ energy demands – or even exceed it in some cases. In Grow Community’s first phase, 22 of the 23 households have opted for PV panels supplying them with .grid-connected, zero-carbon solar power. Electrically powered air source heat pumps with heat exchangers keep them warm and well ventilated in winter.

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Goals and guidance for:

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