Sustainable Water

Using water efficiently, protecting local water resources and reducing flooding and drought.

The goal of this principle is to have a positive impact on water management, to use water efficiently, to help avoid flooding or drought.

Outcomes we can adopt include
Water use is reduced
Water is returned clean to the environment
Impact of drought is reduced
Actions we can take include
Fitting water efficient appliances
Introducing swales and rain gardens to reduce both the impact of drought and risk of flooding
Using reedbeds to clean waste water before returning it to the environment
Indicators we might track include
Litres or gallons of water used per person per day
Litres or gallons of rainwater harvested
Water footprint – the amount of water required to manufacture a product
White Gum Valley (WGV) - water efficiency in Australia
Perth is one of the driest cities in Australia. WGV is a self-build development and One Planet Community near Perth, Western Australia. As part of its One Planet Action Plan, the lead developer LandCorp is reducing potable water consumption by 70% with a series of measures including a site-wide community borehole for irrigation and dual plumbing (one pipe of mains water, one of recycled water) to all houses.

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