Materials and Products

Using materials from sustainable sources and promoting products which help people reduce consumption.

The goal of this principle is to reduce depletion of natural resources, to select materials and products which have positive social and environmental benefits, to promote materials and products that are not toxic to humans and wildlife

Outcomes we can adopt include
People share more products
Materials come from sustainable sources
Materials are not toxic
Actions we can take include
Support the sharing economy with services such are car sharing and tool libraries
Purchase timber which is certified sustainable such as by the Forest Stewardship Council
Use materials and products, such as 'VOC-free' paint, which are free from toxic chemicals
Indicators we might track include
Percentage of timber or wood products by weight which are reclaimed, reused or from a certified sustainable source
Income generated from sharing or reuse schemes
Percentage of products by value which are locally sourced
Sustainable materials at the One Brighton development
One Brighton is a development of 172 apartments including social housing which is completely private car free and run on 100% renewable energy. It was constructed using sustainable materials including 100% sustainably certified timber, low carbon clay block and low carbon cement. All construction workers where introduced to the principles of One Planet Living® to engage their support in building a truly sustainable community.

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