Local and Sustainable Food

Promoting sustainable, humane farming and healthy diets which are high in local, seasonal, organic food and vegetable protein.

The goal of this principle is to make it easy and attractive for people to enjoy fresh, local, seasonal, healthy produce, to promote diets high in vegetable protein, to promote sustainable farming which supports biodiversity and builds soils and to reduce or eliminate food waste.

Outcomes we can adopt include
People eat more healthy and sustainable food
Local farmers and food producers are supported and a vibrant local economy created
Farmland absorbs more carbon dioxide
Actions we can take include
Eating more vegetable protein and less meat
Organising farmers’ markets
Composting food waste
Indicators we might track include
Percentage of people regularly eating vegetarian meals
Percentage of food by value which is local
Percentage of seafood which is certified as sustainable eg via the Marine Stewardship Council
Brighton and Hove City Council – influencing catering standards
Brighton and Hove City Council adopted Minimum Buying Standards for catering contracts. All catering contracts valued over £75,000 are required to achieve the Soil Association’s Bronze Food for Life catering mark.The mark’s standards cover areas such as animal welfare, seasonality and the use of fresh ingredients and will apply to venues such as the Brighton Centre, The Dome and the Royal Pavilion. Smaller venues will be encouraged to work within the standards in an effort to provide a high standard of food across the city.

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