Companies & Cities

OnePlanet web application is a tool which helps organisations create sustainable plans to adapt and regenerate their ecosystems and communities. Tailored packages of tools dedicated to wide range of organisations, from small companies to large corporate ecosystems and cities, help them find a way to collaborate towards shared outcomes, take well-targeted actions and measure progress.

Join leaders

Our technology is used by large number of organisations - from local governments to companies, to understand their purpose and how to contribute to creating resilient communities in a way that regenerates planet earth. Join forces with regenerators who have already adapted to the new reality using OnePlanet tools.

Create a plan

Plan actions you should take to achieve your outcomes and link them with indicators to track your progress


Connect with regenerators and collaborate to achieve shared outcomes easier and more effectively


Publish your plan and show the world how your organisation responds to Adapt. Regenerate. challenge

OnePlanet Product Video - 2.5 min