Reynolds School Flexible Studies & Leadership Programs

Reynolds School Flexible Studies & Leadership Programs

About Us

The Flexible Studies Program is designed for students interested in a structured inquiry-based approach to education, where students engage with their peers, teachers, community and environment as they pursue their personal academic excellence. The Flexible Studies Program uses the acronym VOICES to summarize our educational philosophy. We believe that providing opportunities for students to engage with content in meaningful and relevant ways, to explore their own ideas and questions, and to share all of this with our community, will result in students who are highly engaged in their educational experience. Voice & Choice Outdoors & Nature Inquiry & Innovation Community & Culture Environment & Relationships Service to others

Our Vision

Be a nurturing, authentic, opportunity driven and stimulating learning environment for youth to learn in, grow personally and contribute meaningfully to their community.


3963 Borden Street, Victoria BC, V8P 3H9


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