Our history

OnePlanet was founded in 2019 to create software solutions that enable any organisation and business to create visually stimulating and instantly engaging plans that are shared, sustainable and transparent.

Following a period of research, development commenced in early 2019. OnePlanet launched our first product in early 2020. This launch was followed quickly by the launch of our first range of solutions in June 2020. Our products and solutions are now being used in a wide range of projects across the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America.

OnePlanet’s platform means all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, residents, communities, developers, designers and executives) can be involved in any project or product development helping plans to be approved and implemented with increased speed and support.

Making sustainable business work

The effectiveness of this process is based on the experience of our founder, Pooran Desai OBE, who’s worked with cities, manufacturers, retailers and real estate projects. All these organisations and projects needed to involve, inform and secure agreement of multiple stakeholders (such as investors, developers, local and state governments, citizens, lobby groups and the media).

Pooran founded OnePlanet to create plans that are highly visual to help make connections transparent and obvious. Our technology encourages people to share their points of view and the result is a dramatically reduced time to gain agreement on plans, reducing risk, enhancing compliance, fostering a greater commitment by all involved and a much higher level of satisfaction.

Our product is now being used all over the world to create better cities, communities, natural environments, products and lives.