About oneplanet.com

Oneplanet.com is an online platform which enables cities, organisations and companies to manage and communicate complex, interconnected information in a way which engages the hearts and minds of stakeholders.

We know we are consuming natural resources faster than the planet can regenerate them. All round the world people are working on solutions. Now, finally, technology can bring these solutions together around one outcome we all want – to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives without destroying the planet on which we all ultimately depend.

Imagine a world where everyone can lead happy healthy lives within the environmental limits of our planet. You can make this a reality by working with others who share this vision.

The One Planet Living® framework was created by Bioregional and developed together with WWF. It comprises ten easy-to-grasp principles and detailed Goals and Guidance. Together, these provide a clear, practical routemap to create a sustainability action plan for any organisation that can engage hearts as well as minds.

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What is oneplanet.com?

The platform is built around the vision and methodology of One Planet Living®.

One Planet Living® is a simple framework which enables everyone, from the general public to professionals, to collaborate on a sustainability strategy; drawing on everyone’s insights, skills and experience.

It is based on ten guiding principles of sustainability which you can use to create holistic, interconnected solutions.

Challenge and Opportunity

Join the four cities and regions around the world pioneering the future with us.

A new transformative platform for leaders

Sustainability is both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity humankind has ever faced.

Understanding One Planet Living®

We only have one Planet Earth, but as a global society we’re living as if we have several planets and consuming in ways which cannot be sustained. That means that a lot of things must change. But we also know that if we work together we can enjoy just as much comfort, more security and better health, while living lives that are enriching, fulfilling and sustainable.

One Planet Living® sets out to make this transition. It is a framework developed by leading not-for-profit, Bioregional, and grew out of the experience of developing the pioneering BedZED eco-village in south London, UK in the early 2000s. Today there are companies, cities and regions which have adopted One Planet Principles all around the world including in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Australia.

Hearts and Minds Approach

Uniquely in sustainability, One Planet Living® embeds a hearts and minds approach – enabling you to engage easily with all your stakeholders whilst linking sustainability outcomes, actions and indicators to the best that science has to offer.

Ten simple guiding principles provide a framework so everyone can contribute usefully to an overarching plan which can be benchmarked against the best in science and environmental accounting - including carbon footprinting.

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