Helping people live healthy, happy lives within the limits of our One Planet
Build the world you want
Health and Happiness
Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and wellbeing
Build the world you want
Equity and Local Economy
Creating safe, equitable places to live and work which support local prosperity and international fair trade
Build the world you want
Culture and Community
Nurturing local identity and heritage, empowering communities and promoting a culture of sustainable living
Build the world you want
Land and Nature
Protecting and restoring land for the benefit of people and wildlife
Build the world you want
Sustainable Water
Using water efficiently, protecting local water sources and reducing flooding and drought
Build the world you want
Local and Sustainable Food
Promoting sustainable humane farming and healthy diets in local, seasonal organic food and vegetable protein
Build the world you want
Travel and Transport
Reducing the need to travel, and encouraging walking, cycling and low carbon transport
Build the world you want
Materials and Products
Using materials from sustainable sources and promoting products which help people reduce consumption
Build the world you want
Zero Waste
Reducing consumption, reusing and recycling to achieve zero waste and zero pollution
Build the world you want
Zero Carbon Energy
Making buildings and manufacturing energy efficient and supplying all energy with renewables
Build the world you want
Ten easy-to-grasp principles

One Planet Living®

Imagine a world where people everywhere can lead happy and healthy lives within the environmental limits of our one planet. This is One Planet Living® and our mission is to work with you to make it a reality.

Why use One Planet Living® ?

One Planet Living® is a proven way to take complex data and make it fun and engaging for everyone.

You know that sustainability is both a massive challenge and massive opportunity for your city, company, community or school.

Using cutting edge digital technology and the latest in graph databases, we can help you organise information from a wide range of sources, share it with your colleagues and stakeholders and create a comprehensive action plan which is easy to manage, track and communicate.

It can help you increase your efficiency and resilience through collaboration and by ensuring your sustainability plan is aligned with the needs of your customers, supply chain and wider stakeholders - all the time leveraging the best in earth system science.

Leave the paperwork and clutter behind
Create focus and see the complete picture

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